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Acrylic is a pleasant, modern synthetic fibre, that in many ways will remind you of wool.

Bamboo is a new fantastic material with fibres, giving it high moist absorbing qualities. The bamboo yarn is also antibacterial and improves your shoe environment. Bamboo socks are very soft and very environment friendly as the raw material bamboo is produced without adding any chemicals.

One of the most known and wide spread materials on the market. Cotton is a natural material with high moist absorption that is strong and durable and ages with beauty. Cotton is a light and pleasant material that also is very skin-friendly.

Coolmax is a soft and breathable material. The coolmax fibre transports moist away from your body while breathing. Among other things, it gives you a cool environment for your feet.

See Lycra.

Naturally colored ecological cotton
Grown in various types of soil and without any added chemicals or additives. The color depends on where and when it was picked.

Cashmere wool, normally just called cashmere, is a fibre derived from the cashmere goat. Cashmere wool has a really fine texture, But is also strong, light and soft. When you produce clothes using this material, they are quite warm.

Worsted wool
See wool.

Lycra, or elastane, is a synthetic fibre known for its high elasticity and is therefore used in clothing that require great flexibility and stability.

Mercerized cotton
Mercerized cotton is processed in a way that makes the cotton more shiny and elegant. Gives a cooler and more luxurious impression.

    Merino wool
A type of wool from the merino sheep. Considered the finest and softest wool available. Usually produced in Australia, New Zeeland and in South America.

Modal is produced out of mainly spruce cellulose. The modal fibre absorbs moist efficiently and has also antibacterial qualities.

OUTLAST is a temperature and persiration regulating material that absorbs heat, s.k. PCMs, phase change material. Micro capsules in the material melt when the temperature is high. When the temperature falls, the stored heat is released and this results in a levelled temperature.

Polyamide is a very strong fibre giving extreme durability. It also dries fast and protects the shape of your socks.

Polypropylen is a light and durable fibre, excellent in transporting moist away from the body. Perfect for wearing in various sorts of breathable shoes such as working shoes or boots.

A special type of wool that has been processed to better allow the garment to be washed without any shrinkage. Furthermore, it has the fine properties of regular wool.

Wool has an high moist absorption and natural moist transport. In other words, a natural funcional material. Wool keeps a steady temperature, keeping warm when it is cold and cool when it is warm. It also has dirt-repelling and antibacterial properties. One other benefit of wearing wool socks, is that most types of wool does not have to be washed as often as other materials.

Viafil is a trademark for a synthetic fibre called polypropylen. The fibre breathes and transports moist and odours away. This material is very durable and keeps the color of the sock. Some say that viafil has a healing effect.

A synthetic material, that resembles silk.

A quality benchmark meaning that the material in the sock was tested for dangerous substances. Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is a global system of testing and certification of textiles products. For more information, please check out their web page.

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